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C + B Elopement

200 blooms. A night spent foraging. An intimate ceremony on top of a mountain. The help of loving friends and family of the bride + groom. That's what went in to this DIY boho elopement. We're so grateful to have played a part in their beautiful day!

Local. Hellebore. We've recently been OBSESSED with Hellebore. We hoard it when it's in the shop for extra special projects... like Becky's elopement. We used holly-leaved Hellebore grown locally in Clayton GA by our dear friend Katrina. We love seeing her car pull up to the shop because we know she'll talk flowers with us and always has a carload of wild goodness for us.

Wild. We try to use an element of "wild" in every arrangement we make. From daily vase arrangements and Friday hand wrapped bouquets to weddings; we like to respect the movement of the flowers we use and let it "do its thing" for the wild shape we're in love with.

Romantic. Becky has an incredibly talented family. Along with her bouquet and hair piece, she ordered bulk flowers so her sister and mom could decorate the twig swing that she rented from us to add that perfect earthy feeling to her big day. Her mom also designed and made the macrame backdrop for the arbor and it has us swooning big time! All the love that went into creating this picture perfect day and the love between Chris + Becky is the definition of romantic!

Foraged. In order to achieve that boho look, Lauren and Patience went out after work and clipped Dogwood, Honeysuckle, and Spirea from friend's yards and even went to Lauren's dads house after dark to get that perfect piece of dogwood we were looking for. Our friends and family know if they have something blooming on their property, it's fair game!

Lush. Everything about the florals for their elopement was lush. We're lucky to have so many great brides who love texture and movement as much as we do which allows us to be more creative with the types of flowers and greenery we use to make everything more grand. Becky's bouquet (created by Lauren) features, Anemones, Spray Roses, Veronica, Honeysuckle, Hellebore, Eucalyptus, an Air Plant, and many other stunning flowers.

We wish Becky + Chris many more years of joy and thank them for letting us play a part in this truly special day! It was an honor.

xoxo Sweet Stems

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